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An Introduction to Canadian Legal Information & Lawyers' Web Sites

Our mission is to help you find basic reliable information and web sources for Canada's legal-courts-lawyers services, by province and major cities.

Canada's Justice System

See the Federal Department of Justice overview, at - (English version) - (Français ver.)
The site covers topics including:  What is the law?  Sources of Canadian law.  The Law in Action.  The citizen and the law (e.g. jury duty, testifying in court, knowing the law)

"The law affects Canadians every day.  There are, we know, laws against crimes such as robbery or murder. But there are also laws that apply to us when we pursue everyday activities, such as driving a car, renting an apartment, getting a job or getting married. In fact, there are laws concerning almost every aspect of our daily lives.

Many people believe that our laws are too difficult to be understood, except by lawyers. It is true that in a complex world the laws can be lengthy and technical. If a person needs help in understanding how the law applies to a specific problem, he or she can always consult a lawyer. But the fundamentals of Canadian law are based on common sense. These ideas and principles concern every Canadian and are something every Canadian should strive to understand. What is the "law"?  Where does it come from?  What is it for? How does it operate? "[quote fr. website About Canada's System of Justice

Canada Gazette

Canada Gazette/Gazette du Canada
"Web site of the official newspaper of the Government of Canada / Bienvenue au site Web du journal officiel du gouvernement du Canada" 2011

Canada Statues and Regulations

Government of Canada Justice Laws Website (English version)

Gouvernement du Canada Site Web de la législation (Justice)

Court Martial Appeal Court Canada / Cour d'appeal de la cour martiale du Canada

Federation of Law Societies of Canada national CLE [Continuing Legal Education] Programs

Info. re the National Criminal and Family law Programs produced by this group can be found at

Also see the Federation's home page at

Useful Publications:  Articles Books & News about the law and related issues

This web site features periodic articles about different aspects of Canada's laws. The articles are chosen to be useful for the lay reader, and have been written by lawyers and other professionals.

Subjects Covered Include:

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Exemplar Profiles of Canadian Lawyers in different legal practice areas

Bruce Lemer, LLB, Vancouver lawyer with over 30 yrs. experience in class actions and medical malpractice

Bruce Lemer is well known for his work in medical malpractice claims, complex personal injury and motor vehicle claims and consumer and products liability class actions. He was called to the bar in 1982 and has focused on all types of medical malpractice lawsuits, including hospital and nurse errors, surgical errors, diagnostic and drug prescription errors and prescription mistakes, and consumer class actions.

He has also represented plaintiffs in catastrophic personal injury claims and products liability and professional negligence claims against governments, blood products manufacturers and the Canadian Red Cross for infection with HIV and hepatitis C through blood transfusions and blood products.

He was plaintiffs' co-counsel in Endean v. Canadian Red Cross, a class action on behalf of individuals infected with hepatitis C through blood transfusions, which resulted in the largest products liability class action settlement in Canadian history.

Bruce was also Canadian counsel in a U.S. action by Canadians infected with HIV from a product manufactured by Armour Pharmaceutical Company. The case was profiled in a report by CNN TV correspondent Art Harris [see CNN transcripts and scroll down long page].

Bruce has been awarded the "BV" Distinguished rating by LexisNexis/Martindale-Hubbell peer review for "Very High Rating in Both Legal Ability & Ethical Standards".

210-900 Howe St.
Vancouver BC
Canada V6Z 2M4
Phone:  604.642.6363


Government of Canada Publications

"Government of Canada Publications.  Your reference for over 100,000 free and priced Government of Canada titles spanning two decades." Go to

CLICK TO OFFICIAL SITE OF SUPREME COURT OF CANADA - fr. this photo taken  by V. Hum, Ottawa for Toronto city skyline looking to Lake Ontario - CLICK TO GO TO Toronto Immigration Lawyers Directory

Tribunal Decisions

  • Canadian Human Rights Tribunal Legislation and decisions 1979 to present
  • Canadian International Trade Tribunal decisions in full text 1989 - present
  • CRTC Canada Radio-Televisiion & Telecommunications Commission 1985 - present, decision-summaries
  • Competition Tribunal
  • Copyright Board Canada 1990 - present select decisions in full text - and tariffs / legislation

Canada Lawyers' Preferred Areas of Practice Specialty Directories

When do you need to consult a lawyer in Canada?   How do you select a lawyer?   What questions to ask when interviewing a lawyer (its a two way selection process).  These are some questions we hope to help you with.

Canada Immigration Lawyers and Law Firms

Family Law Mediation / Alternative Dispute Resolution "ADR" Lawyers

Canada Personal Injury Lawyers and Law Firms

Canada Class Action Lawyers and Law Firms

Canada Criminal Defense Lawyers & Law Firms

  • Nanaimo, BC - Criminal Defense Directory see lawyer listings
  • THE ANTI-TERRORISM ACT Dept. of Justice Canada · Ministière de la Justice Canada
    An Act to amend the Criminal Code, the Official Secrets Act, the Canada Evidence Act, the Proceeds of Crime (Money Laundering) Act and other Acts, and to enact measures respecting the registration of charities, in order to combat terrorism.


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