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Legislative Assembly

  • Legislative Assembly of P.E.I. home page
  • Hansard "Hansard is a daily transcript of the proceedings of the Legislative Assembly. It is generally available the second morning after each sitting day. You can also search Hansard by keyword. "[040307]
  • Royal Gazette "THE ROYAL GAZETTE is the official gazette of the Province of Prince Edward Island.   As outlined in the Queen's Printer Act ... , 'all advertisements, notices, and documents whatever relating to matters within the control of the Legislature and that are by any law required to be published, shall be published in the Gazette unless any other mode of publication is prescribed by law.' 
    Available on this page are links to the unofficial electronic version of the Royal Gazette intended for information and reference purposes only...." [quote fr. website of 04.03.07]

Prince Edward Island Legislation:  Statutes & Regulations

"LEGISLATIVE COUNSEL OFFICE IS a division of Legal and Judicial Services and reports to the Director of Legal and Judicial Services.  The chief role of Legislative Counsel Office is to draft legislation (both statutes and regulations) for the Government of PEI. The Office is also responsible for updating both the statutes and regulations of PEI" [emphasis added - quote 04/03/07 website]

Visit the website for listings of Statutes of Prince Edward Island and search services on web site

"The Attorney General is responsible for Aboriginal Affairs and is responsible for ensuring regular liaison with the Privy Council Office, Indian and Northern Affairs Canada, and various provincial and territorial departments responsible for Aboriginal matters across Canada and local and national Aboriginal organizations" Office of the Attorney General [quote 04.03/07]

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P.E.I. Legal Aid

Information about Legal Aid "This program has four full-time staff lawyers." They provide representation in family and criminal law to clients who, for financial reasons, would be unable to obtain essential legal services from the private sector.  The program is cost-shared by the Federal Government." [quote from website 04.03/07]

P.E.I. Government Publications Available to the Public

" INFORMATION ABOUT PUBLICATIONS available to the public (reports, brochures, manuals, etc.) from the Government of Prince Edward Island is posted here as soon as publications are released."

"Recent publications are listed .... [on website]; for earlier publications, search our publications archive. Many publications may be read online, and these are flagged as such in the list

above info quoted from website PEI Gov. Pubs 2004/03/07

Lawyers Referral Services & Directories of Experienced Law Firms

  • see Legal Line Services above

Canadian Lawyers - Exemplars of Practice Profiles

Bruce W. Lemer, barrister & solicitor, Vancouver, BC

Bruce Lemer was called to the bar in 1982.

He was plaintiff's co-counsel in Endean vs. Canadian Red Cross and others, ... a class action on behalf of individuals infected with hepatitis C through blood transfusions, which resulted in the largest class action settlement in Canadian history.

He has extensive experience in complex litigation, having acted for numerous individuals in products liability and professional negligence claims against governments, blood products manufacturers and the Canadian Red Cross for infection with HIV and hepatitis C through blood transfusions and blood products.

He has successfully represented plaintiffs in negligence claims against stockbrokers and brokerage firms, physicians and highway maintenance bodies (for accidents caused by inadequate winter maintenance procedures).

He has appeared on numerous occasions in the British Columbia Supreme Court, the BC Court of Appeal, and courts in Alberta and Ontario.

In 2003-2004 he is plaintiffs' counsel in:

  • a proposed class action against brokerage firms with respect to allegedly improper charges made to clients for currency exchange transactions;
  • a proposed class action against a drug manufacturer with respect to allegedly inappropriate actions taken to raise the price of a drug;
  • a proposed class action against a individuals and a financial institution for involvement in an alleged scheme to defraud hundreds of investors in real estate developments.

Mr. Lemer has also successfully represented plaintiffs and defendants in a wide range of personal injury cases, including those dealing with quadriplegia, brain injuries, serious orthopedic injuries and death claims.

Publications and Articles by Mr. Lemer include:

  • He is the yearly update author of the chapter on I.C.B.C. (Insurance Corp. of BC) no-fault benefits in the Motor Vehicle Claims Manual ( a publication of the Continuing Legal Education Society of BC, 1999-2003 )
  • Strict Products Liability:  The problem of improperly designed products ( Osgoode Hall Law Journal, 1982 )
  • Dealing With Claimants and Insureds ( in Insurance Law, CLE, 1989 )
  • Practice Points for a Personal Injury Discovery ( in Personal Injury Trials: Techniques and Tactics, CLE, 1989 )
  • Pollution Coverage Under C.G.L. and Automobile Policies ( in Pollution and Contamination Insurance Claims, CLE, 1990 )

540 - 220 Cambie St.
Vancouver, BC
Phone:  604.642.6363


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