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Canada's Laws & Legal System

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Publishers of Canadian Legal Information & Law Reference Books - Web Sites include:

  • Butterworths Canada

    "Butterworths Catalogue and Bookstore "

  • Canada Law Book

    "Canada Law Book legal publications have served lawyers, law librarians and human resource professionals for almost 150 years. Products include CD-ROMs, looseleafs, texts, digests, journals, online subscriptions, and videos.
    You need to pinpoint legal information at the drop of a hat. At Canada Law Book, we've been helping the Canadian legal community do just that --- for almost 150 years.
    In fact, our roots go as far back as 1855, when we first published the Upper Canada Law Journal. Then before the turn of the century, we produced Canadian Criminal cases, and later the Dominion Law Reports. Now these historic Canadian reports are also published on CD-ROM -- a technology not even imagined at the time. " [fr. website 040623]

  • Carswell

    "Carswell publishes specialized information and research tools in a range of formats including books, looseleaf services, journals, CD-ROMs and online. Carswell serves the legal, tax, accounting and human resources markets. [quote 040623] "

    Note: Westlaw / Carswell was a GOLD SPONSOR of the University of Alberta LAW SHW 2004 a fundraising stage show put on by the Law School Students

  • CCH Canadian

    "CCH Canadian is one of Canada's largest and most respected business-to-business information providers for professionals, producing leading-edge research materials, tax preparation and financial planning software in both English and French for such industries and professions as tax and tax compliance, law, financial planning, human resources, securities, business and commerce. CCH Canadienne est reconnue comme l'un des plus grands éditeurs spécialisés au Canada, fournisseur de logiciels et ouvrages de référence de pointe, de langue française ou anglaise, pour les professionnels et gens d'affaires oeuvrant principalement en fiscalité, en droit, en planification financière, en management, en relations de travail et en gestion des ressources humaines. [quote fr website 040623] "

  • Edmond Montgomery - Canada's Legal Academic Publisher

    "About Emond Montgomery Publications Limited Emond Montgomery Publications Limited was founded in 1978 by Professor Paul Emond and Ms. Ann Montgomery to fill a gap in the legal academic publishing field. The company's primary objective is to serve the academic law and law-related community with outstanding texts, casebooks, and related legal teaching material. We pride ourselves on our customer focus, our quality publications, and our passion for outstanding service. Not only are we "Canada's Legal Academic Publisher," but we are also widely recognized as one of Canada's finest academic publishers. "

    Offices in Toronto [quote website 040623]

  • Irwin Law

    "Irwin Law is the youngest legal publisher in Canada, publishing the popular Essentials of Canadian Law Series, among other titles. "

    [subjects covered include "Essentials of Canadian Law | Law & Public Policy | Canadian Legal Skills | Canadian Law in a Nutshell Special Lectures of the Law Society of Upper Canada | Other Series | Canadian Class Action Review] [quote website 040623]

  • Lancaster House

    "Lancaster House publishes books, loose-leaf texts, and newsletters on labour and employment law. For over 30 years, we have been serving the informational needs of employees, employers, professional organizations, unions, management and legal practitioners across Canada. "

    [quote 040623]


    "... providing access to Canadian case law since 1969
    MLB publishes 14 law reporters that cover every jurisdiction in Canada, except Quebec. "

    The National Reporter System (NRS) includes the following databases

    • Alberta Reports - 1976 to present
    • British Columbia Appeal Cases - 1991 to present
    • British Columbia Trial Cases - 1999 to present
    • Federal Trial Reports - 1986 to present
    • Manitoba Reports (2d) - 1979 to present
    • National Reporter - SCC & FCA - 1974 to date
    • New Brunswick Reports (2d) - 1969 to date -- Includes N.B. Reports Supplement
    • Newfoundland & Prince Edward Island Reports - 1969 to date
    • Nova Scotia Reports (2d) - 1970 to present
    • Ontario Appeal Cases - 1984 to present
    • Ontario Trial Cases - 1996 to present
    • Saskatchewan Reports - 1980 to present
    • Supreme Court of Canada - 1997 to present -- Motions for leave to appeal

    [ above data base info quoted fr. 040623 ]

    • Quicklaw

      LexisNexis® QuicklawTM online services in English and French.
      "Since 1973, the Quicklaw service has provided lawyers and legal researchers across Canada with an efficient, comprehensive, reliable, and cost-effective online research service. Quicklaw offers access to over 2,500 sources including:

      • caselaw from courts, boards, and tribunals in Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, and the Commonwealth
      • Point-in-Time statutes (for locating provisions in effect on a specified date) and other statutes, regulations, and bills

      [ visit
      for more information] "

    • Self-Counsel Press Legal and Business Publisher

      "... Canada's premier source of self-help law books and books for small business!  ... the pioneer publisher of self-help law titles in North America when we launched our first Divorce Guide in Canada 33 years ago.

      Our books and forms kits are designed to help you help yourself, whether you are writing a will, visiting a small claims court, completing an uncontested divorce, starting a new business or managing an existing business. "

      "... All of our legal titles are written by lawyers - lawyers who practise in the field they are writing about." [quote fr. website 040624]

      Best sellers noted in 2004 include: " 01. Minute Book | 02. Residential Real Estate Purchase & Sale: B.C. | 03. B.C. Divorce Forms Kit (joint applicants) |  04. Ontario Superior Court Divorce kit (joint) | 05. Separation Agreement | 06. B.C. Administration Forms | 07. Alberta Divorce Forms Kit | 08. Divorce Guide for Canada | 09. Landlord's Rental Kit for Ontario | 10. Bill of Sale & Promissory Note |"

    • SOQUIJ

      " SOQUIJ publie la jurisprudence des tribunaux du Québec. Ses produits à haute valeur ajoutée, sur support papier et électronique, sont commercialisés auprès de la communauté juridique, du monde des affaires et du monde du travail. "   [quote website 040623]

Lawyers' Articles on Understanding Laws & Legal Options in B.C.

Wrongful Dismissal / Employment Law Article(s)

Personal Injury from MVA / Car Accident Injury Claims with B.C. Auto Insurance from ICBC

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Map of Canada and its Provinces and Territories and borders with USA

Information Sources on Canada's Laws & Legal System

Government of Canada Publications

"Government of Canada Publications.  Your reference for over 100,000 free and priced Government of Canada titles spanning two decades." Go to

Tribunal Decisions

  • Canadian Human Rights Tribunal Legislation and decisions 1979 to present
  • Canadian International Trade Tribunal decisions in full text 1989 - present
  • CRTC Canada Radio-Televisiion & Telecommunications Commission 1985 - present, decision-summaries
  • Competition Tribunal
  • Copyright Board Canada 1990 - present select decisions in full text - and tariffs / legislation

Crown Publications - Queens Printers

Canada's Text Book Publishers for Colleges and Universities

Thomson Nelson

"Canada's leading educational publisher, delivering complete customized educational solutions with the distinct needs of Canadian learners in mind" [quote fr. website 2006.08.15]

  • Introduction to Canada's Laws and Legal System
    Criminal Law / Criminalolgy Textbooks
    Assorted texts in Criminology including: - Young Offenders and Youth Justice: A Century After the Fact , Third Canadian Edition Sandra J. Bell Thomson Nelson 2007
    - Criminal Law in Canada: Cases, Questions and the Code , Fourth Canadian Edition Simon Verdun-Jones Thomson Nelson 2007 - go to site to see more texts-titles from Thomson Nelson

  • Canadian Politics & The Charter of Rights
    Canadian Politics & Government In The Charter Era
    First Canadian Edition
    Heather MacIvor
    Thomson Nelson © 2006
  • Canadian Business Law Texts
    Canadian Business And The Law
    Second Canadian Edition Dorothy DuPlessis Steve Enman Sally Gunz Shannon O?Byrne Thomson Nelson © 2004

See their online catalog and order directly from the publisher

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