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Language Groups

  • GWICH'IN language group
  • NORTH SLAVEY language group
  • HAN language group
  • NORTHERN TUTCHONE language group
  • SOUTHERN TUTCHONE language group
  • KASKA language group
  • TAGISH language group
  • TLINGIT language group
  • TAHLTAN language group
  • SOUTH SLAVEY language group

Major Rivers Lakes & Oceans

  • Artic Ocean to north
  • Pacific Ocean - bordering Alaska "Pan-Handle"
  • MacKenzie River
  • MacKenzie River Delta on the Artic Ocean
  • Porcupine River
  • Yukon River
  • Peel River
  • Bonnet Plume River
  • Ladue River
  • La Questen River
  • MacMillan River
  • Pelly River
  • Ross River
  • White River
  • Liard River
  • Mayo Lake
  • Kluane Lake
  • Aishinik Lake
  • Lake Laberge
  • Kusawa Lake
  • Atlin Lake

International State and Provincial Borders

  • Alaska, U.S.A. border area to the east and south-east
  • British Columbia, provincial border area to the south
  • North West Territories area to the east

Yukon First Nations Languages Geographic Locations Map

Other reference websites on:  First Nations / Aboriginal Law

  • see also Council of Yukon First Nations web site www.cyfn.ca

    "The Council of Yukon First Nations is the central political organization for the First Nation people of the Yukon. It has been in existence since 1973 and continues to serve the needs of self-governing First Nations within the Yukon. "  [quote fr website 040624]

  • see also Treaty Agreements www.cyfn.ca/ourAgreements/index.html

    with information on | Umbrella Final Agreement | First Nations Final Agreements | Self Government Agreements |

  • Indigenous Bar Association

    The web site has information and links to subjects such as:  First Nations, Indigenous peoples in Canada, non-profit/professional organizations, legal consultants, Aboriginal law students, lawyers, judges, law professors, Indigenous law, Indigenous issues, public awareness, spiritual basis of Indigenous laws, education, social justice, Law Societies, Aboriginal lawyers, legal education, Six Nations of the Grand River Nation, Ohsweken, Province of Ontario, Inuit, Metis, Student Scholarship, Ronald Peigan, Inherent Rights, Institutional Development, RCAP, self-government, First Nations Governance Institute, Indigenous Scholars, Aboriginal Leaders, Articling Students, Self-Government Models, Legislative Initiatives, Governance Institutions, governance, self governance canada, resources [the above topics/list extracted fr. descrip. tag of website 04.06.20]

  • Assembly of First Nations - AssemblÉe des PremiÈres Nations
    www.afn.ca web site in English and French


    " Historically the First Nations have a unique and special relationship with the Crown and the people of Canada, as manifested in treaties and other historical documents. In essence, the special relationship is one of (negotiated agreement with a view toward) peaceful coexistence based on equitable sharing of lands and resources, and ultimately on respect, recognition, and enforcement of our respective right to govern ourselves. The AFN exists to promote the "restoration and enhancement" of this relationship and to ensure that it is mutually beneficial to the First Nations people. The Assembly of First Nations is a national aboriginal lobby organization. "

    " The Assembly of First Nations (AFN) is the national representative organization of the First Nations in Canada. There are over 630 First Nation's communities in Canada. The AFN Secretariat, is designed to present the views of the various First Nations through their leaders in areas such as: Aboriginal and Treaty Rights, Economic Development, Education, Languages and Literacy, Health, Housing, Social Development, Justice, Taxation, Land Claims, Environment, and a whole array of issues that are of common concern which arise from time to time.
    Copyright © Assembly of First Nations National Indian Brotherhood 2001
    Droits d’auteur Ó Assemblée des Premières Nations Fraternité nationale des Indiens, 2001 ©
    " [quote fr. website 040619]

  • see also www.canadianhistory.ca
  • see also www.thecanadianencyclopedia.com

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A Lay Person's Intro to Yukon Legal Information Sources and Lawyers' Web Sites

Legislative Assembly

  • Legislative Assembly of Yukon
    Whitehorse, Yukon
    Canada  Y1A 2C6
  • Hansard Hansard is a daily transcript of the proceedings of the Legislative Assembly.   It is generally available the second day after each sitting day.  You can also search Hansard by keyword.
  • The Yukon Gazette

    "... Yukon Gazette Online, the Internet version of The Yukon Gazette.  On this site you can find all of the different types of announcements you are used to seeing in the paper version of The Yukon Gazette.

    This Internet version of The Yukon Gazette combines what is published separately in paper format as Parts I and II.  It includes corporate notices, Change of Name Notices, general public notices required by law, Management Board Directives, Orders-In-Council Appointments and Proclamations (Part I). It also includes Regulations, Orders-In-Council pursuant to Yukon Statutes, and other Ministerial or Legislative Orders (Part II).

    The Yukon Gazette is a publication of the Government of the Yukon.  The official version of The Yukon Gazette is the paper version [emphasis added].  This site is maintained by the Queen's Printer, Supply Services Branch, Government of the Yukon." [quote fr. website of www.hpw.gov.yk.ca/ssb/qpa/gazette]

Yukon Government Legislation:  Statutes & Regulations

The website www.canlii.org/yk/sta/index.html Canadian Legal Information Institute [CanLII] " ... presents the Yukon statutes and regulations, released by the Government of Yukon for publication " [quote fr. CanLII.org 040314]

Yukon Department of Justice


Department of Justice Statutes and Regulations - Listings can be found at www.justice.gov.yk.ca/legislation/index.html [the actual online documents are stored at the Canada Legal Information Institute, mentioned above]

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